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    Ok, I'll post it here ....
    ATTN Geodav ... THANK YOU FOR THE YOUTUBE - BLENDER VIDS !!!!!!!!! I'm a new user, just downloaded UDK Yesterday. But I've built many models and successfully imported them with animations into 3DRad and PASandbox. So you can imagine my heart sinking as I searched for help getting models into UDK and finding only 3DSMax tutorials (I don't have $4k software) until I found this thread and your YouTube channel. And by the way thank you for being patient and Learning Blender, I know it has an irritating learning curve. I usually model with Wing3d and then Paint in Sculptris and Stay away from Blender until I absolutely need it. However, Blender 2.6x has come a very long way from the old Blender 2.4 and quit a lot can be done with it !! Now after seeing your vids I Know I can get my models into UDK and have some real fun!! Thanks Again !!


      I am having this same issue :/

      BTW, geodav, wow, your tutorials are insanely helpful! Thank you so much!
      Originally posted by TorQueMoD View Post
      Ok, so adjusting the translation values in the vehicle factory class definitely fixed the issue where he's spawning in the ground..

      Begin Object Name=SVehicleMesh
      I changed the Z value from 70 to 38 (subtracted 32 units) and he's back on the ground again. Sadly the game still crashes instantly when I try to play. Do you think having a different directory structure in my package (and my package itself is in UDKGame\Content\Packages instead if just the content directory) would cause the game to crash? You'd think there'd be more flexibility there since I updated the file structure in the uc files to match my structure.


        ok if your crashing on vehicle entry then i need to see the launch.log to find any clues, there are loads of things on vehicles that can cause a crash (had most of them i think) anything from typo's to missing bones materials physics animtree

        ps i'm only online CEST evenings


          According to the log, missing a bone, but doesnt say where. :/ By any chance, have you made the contents of this tutorial avaible for download? I would love to just look at that and peek through it rather than bug you every time i get stuck. hehe.

          ==== Worlds needing PIE Save:
          [0033.23] Log: ==== 0 total
          [0033.23] Cmd: MAP LOAD PLAYWORLD=1 FILE="C:\UDK\UDK-2011-10\Binaries\Win32\..\..\UDKGame\Autosaves\UEDPIEDM-testTerrain.udk"
          [0033.25] Log: Finished looking for orphan Actors (0.006 secs)
          [0033.25] Log: Game class is 'UTDeathmatch'
          [0033.28] Log: Primary PhysX scene will be in software.
          [0033.28] Log: Creating Primary PhysX Scene.
          [0033.28] Log: *** WARNING - PATHS MAY NOT BE VALID ***
          [0033.28] Log: Bringing World UEDPIEDM-testTerrain.TheWorld up for play (0) at 2012.04.23-20.37.46
          [0033.29] Error: ImportText (DefaultMapPrefixes): Missing closing parenthesis: (Prefix=MK,bUsesCommonPackage=FALSE,GameType=Ma kabroGame.MakabroInfo)
          [0033.31] Warning: Material Master_Material.Materials.Master_Material missing bUsedWithSkeletalMesh=True!
          [0033.31] Log: ASVehicle::ModifyNxActorDesc : Bone (Engine) not found in Vehicle (MKVehicle_RV1_Content_0) SkeletalMesh (RV1_blockout)
          [0033.38] Critical: appError called: Assertion failed: i>=0 && (i<ArrayNum||(i==0 && ArrayNum==0)) [File:d:\depot\unrealengine3\development\src\core\i nc\Array.h] [Line: 575]

          Stack: Address = 0x1f8799 (filename not found) [in C:\UDK\UDK-2011-10\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe]


            Bone (Engine) not found in Vehicle (MKVehicle_RV1_Content_0)
            tells me your using the Manta code as a base, the "Engine" bone is the bone that the code uses to link the hoverwheels to, have a look in your main vehicle .uc file for something like
            Begin Object Class=UTHoverWheel Name=RThruster
            		BoneOffset=(X=-50.0,Y=100.0,Z=-190.0)       //Z=-200
            	End Object
            now change the "BoneName" to the main bone of your vehicles rig.

            ps. which content do you need, let me know and i'll get it uploaded somewhere for you and everyone else


              I figured out what the problem was, i forgot to tell change the content class to extend off the base class so in my case...

              class MKVehicle_RV1_Content extends MKVehicle_RV1;
              used to read..

              class MKVehicle_RV1_Content extends UTVehicle_Manta;
              After this it worked! Now the whole model goes under the I guess if its not one thing is another right. Then i figured out what went wrong. I forgot the main root bone that needs to be sitting on the ground.

              I was just wondering if you could upload your package, with the walker, the anim, the physics material etc. And the code! That you showed in the tutorial. Pretty please?!

              I havent tweaked my settings much, but how do you make it to where the mech doesnt feel like its floating? I made a video out of exicitment. TO show you what ive accomplished thanks to your tutorials, and to show you how i finally got the mech to work. Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement. And this just a block out, i will be making an actual asset, but more of that later.

              Some questions i have.
              1)The physics material, do i apply to all the bones in the physics editor?
              2)Which bone, or what is the socket that the player gets attached to when driving?
              3)What if i wanted to have more than two drivers?
              4) in my video, you see me shooting the mech, and the projectiles just go through it. Is this because i didnt assign hit collisions to those bones? Or does it have to do with the physics material?
              5) on my video you see me shooting the mech, and once a project hits it it goes off flying Not sure what causes this.

              Geodav tutorials are just awesome..thats all i have to say. On my own i would have problably taken a couple more days to figure this stuff out. And if anyone is curious i made two videos. The 1st video shows what i accomplished during the weekend. Yes..i sat down THE whole weekend trying to get this stuff to work. I have experience scripting so that part wasnt too hard. it was juts the setting up and exporting out that always gets me.

              This is the product of watching geodav's tutorials



                I need some help.I have a vehicle and I would like to set up a custom animation.For example,I want to open its doors when I press a specific button.How can I do that?Thank you.


                  ok let my try answer @2fast4u_dk first
                  1st. make your anim, export/import into an animset
                  2nd. in your code default properties add the line
                  notice the "AnimTag=Created" "Created" is the command you can use any of the normal pawn commands to set this eg Crouch or Jump
                  3rd. if you get stuck watch my UDK vehicle tutorials they mention the animplayer for the animtree

                  now to @raul
                  1) might be a good idea, i did just in case
                  2) if not stated in the seat code then the root/base bone, you can state it via the line
                  in the seat code
                  3) you can have extra seats but only the first is the driver, any others can use extra weapons, but they will have the same sitting anim, unless you know how to change it
                  4) most likely, add the physmats and the collision bones and you should be fine
                  5) this is because the code is for the manta which will behave the same, in newer walker versions i use a simplified scorpian code+physmats which work better.

                  to fix the floaty feel i switched to the wheeled vehicle code, which works just as well and steers a bit better, that tutorial i did on my other computer to which i won't have access till next week maybe (locked away at my other work place) but i'll see what i can digg up for you


                    Thank you so much,I'll try it


                      I've tried it but something is wrong.This is what I've done.
                      I opened the vehicle with 3ds max,I detached the door and animated it.I used "Trajectories" to set up end time and samples,then using actorx I exported it.Then in UDK i created a new anim set using the vehicle's skeletal mesh and then imported the animation.When I try to play the animation,nothing happens.
                      Why is this happening?Is it ok to animate only the vehicle model in 3ds max without any bones?
                      Thank you.


                        afaik you need to have the mesh as one piece, if you want to animate the doors then add door bones to your rig and skin the whole door to the bone, then do the animation with the bone, i take it your using fbx so i'm not sure on the settings for that


                          Oh maaaaaan,I've done it,I've succesfully imported an FBX animation,thank you so much.Now I'll try to trigger it.Another question I have .When I want to skin specific parts to bones,how can I make this easier?Because i keep selecting verteces that i don't want and its frustrating.Isn't there an easier way?Thank you.


                            carefully select all the polygons you want to be in a single section then click the dettach button and select detach to element, now when you skin use the select element tick box


                              Thank you .I managed that too.Now for another question(sorry for bothering).Where should I add the line?
                              I added it into "UTVehicle_Eclipse_Tuning.uc" after the line "defaultproperties" and I changed it into
                              VehicleAnims(0)=(AnimTag=Jump,AnimSeqs=(eclipse_bo ne_animation),AnimRate=1.0,bAnimLoopLastSeq=false, AnimPlayerName=DevilfishPlayer)
                              and it still doesn't work.What should I do? 10000 times thank you


                                i doubt it will work till you add your own "animplayer" node to your vehicles animtree then change the name in the "AnimPlayerName=DevilfishPlayer"

                                its not a simple thing to explain which is why i did my best with this video