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HUD: Hide Weapons

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  • HUD: Hide Weapons

    Whats the command to hide weapons ingame?

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    Are you referring specifically to playing in-game with no weapon equipped, or with no HUD showing? Both are easy within the editor.

    To test your game with no weapons equipped, simply hit the main menu at the top left of the window and click View, then World Properties. From here, open the World Info tab and scroll down a bit until you see a parameter called "No Default Inventory for Player". Check this parameter and you're good to go! You should have nothing equipped while testing your map.

    To test your game with no visible HUD, you'll have to open up Kismet. Right-click anywhere in the Kismet workspace to bring up the context menu. From here, click New Event, then Level Startup in the subsequent menu. Your Level Startup node will appear in the workspace, and it should have a single Out connector. Right-click in the open workspace again to bring back the menu, but this time click New Action ---> Toggle ---> Toggle HUD. Click and drag a wire from Level Startup's Out connector over to Toggle HUD's Hide connector. Now, again bring up the context menu and choose New Variable ---> Player ---> Player. A round, pink-bordered variable node will appear. Click and drag a wire from Toggle HUD's Target connector (it's on the bottom, bright pink) onto the Player variable. Ok, we're good! Now when you test your level, there should be no visible HUD.

    Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to help! I've already begun work on a series of UDK-specific Unreal tutorials in order to help our community better understand the new features and their potential, as well as catering to people who are completely new to the Unreal community. Keep an eye out for them!


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      type "togglescreenshotmode" into the command prompt
      do it twice if you need to


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        Thanks guys, all good....


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          Hello Lunazure,
          When removing the weapons and HUD using kismet two weird parts will appear.
          I'm a newbee and the solution does not ring a bell. Do you (or someone else) know a way to fix this?
          Many thanks.