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UDK programming book

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  • UDK programming book

    Is there any book available for programming with UDK?
    I would more precisely like to find a book that contains the information necessary for creating a custom game using the UDK. I't doesn't matter if it's not a guide to do advaced stuff as long as it's informative about the starting process.

    I'm not a part of a devlopment team or anything like that so I supose that I't would be nice if the book contains the basic steps to use the Editor.


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    same thing enjoy =)


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      That book came out in 2006 and isn't likely to apply as much any more.

      There is a new Mastering Unreal book coming out soon dealing with UnrealScript.


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        Originally posted by Repent_ View Post
        I don't have much trust in that book, nor it's author. I wouldn't buy it.


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 Unfortunately its not coming out until December.


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            Thank you very much.
            December isn't that far away and it seems like the thing I'm looking for.

            I just have to say that I'm actually suprised that I didn't found out that the UDK was available free for non commercial use and available for download untill now.
            A quite pleasant suprise tough


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              check the udn website they have a few chapters for the new scripting book available for view there.