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How to report a bug or issue

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    How to report a bug or issue

    When reporting a bug or issue please be sure to include the following information:

    1. A description of the issue
    Were you running the installer, running a game, or running the editor
    What exactly were you doing when you saw the problem?
    What were you trying to do?
    What happened that was unexpected or stopped you from working/playing?
    2. Your OS information (including language)
    3. Your PC specs (you can get this information by going to Run... and type in dxdiag)
    4. Sometimes the contents of the log file (UDK-INSTALL-DIR\UTGame\Logs\Launch.log) can be helpful too

    We're also seeing that a lot of the initial installation issues are quickly solved by a system reboot, running \Binaries\Windows\UE3Redist.exe again, turning off UAC, or making sure you are installing and running as an admin.

    Again, we love to hear from you and want to make sure that everyone gets the best experience possible from the UDK.

    -Preston (Sr. Engine Test Manager)