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    objectives in game

    hi everybody i wanted to know how to create objectives in udk in my game using kismet for example an objective saying " kill all inmates " and when i kill them it go away and the next objective appear so can any one help me on how to create something like that

    There's 4 kinds of nodes, Events, actions, Conditionals, and Latents.... with Latent shall be a last resource that's a lot of CPU Usage. LEARN HOW TO USE THE 4 WELL FROM CODE.

    Way (1) Well, i would use a SeqEvent, triggered whenever a pawn is killed (from gameInfo ), and so provide a list of Outer inputs, from there i would do all the logics from kismet.
    Way (2) Create an event like allMates killed, "Logics would happend in gameInfo "....

    Of course you would like, 1 " ok pawn goes to trigger " objective Enabled. That'd be a Action(node) , that would enable a Boolean on gameInfo, wich it would be " KillInmatesObjectiveEnabled "
    and then, a Conditional(Node) bound to a the Pawnkilled Event(Node), and later on ok Seq_cond(IsObjectiveEnabled?) if so, then do whatever logics you want....
    Well you are asking something very complex, i just can give you to help the Learn how to use the 4 node kinds.... and with that, you can pretty straight forward make your Dynamic Objective System. So learn the 4 nodes make an example for each........