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how do you call GFxAction_OpenMovie bTakeFocus on an instanced menu

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    how do you call GFxAction_OpenMovie bTakeFocus on an instanced menu

    Hi guys I have this really annoying issue I cant seem to nail.

    I'm using GFxAction_OpenMovie in kismet to open up my main menu and bTakeFocus set to true allows the focus to be set correctly when the main menu loads.

    This essentially means that when I mouse over things I see the visual effects take place correctly (mouse over a button it lights up, mouse off it and it returns to original graphic look)

    Now in my game I created an instance of the main menu using a very simple bit of code called in my hud class

    if (CPI_FrontEnd == none)
    CPI_FrontEnd = new () class'CPIFrontEnd';
    CPI_FrontEnd.LocalPlayerOwnerIndex = GetLocalPlayerOwnerIndex();
    CPI_FrontEnd.ExternalInterface = self;
    CPI_FrontEnd.bOpenedIngame = true;

    The problem I have with this is it does not take focus, so when I mouse over buttons etc you don't see the effects.

    The second I mouse click the menu all the effects work great from that point onwards.

    I have tried looking in AS 2.0 at what's got focus (using trace), even tried to force focus and even got desperate enough to try to get unrealscript to fire a mouse click to the menu.

    Ultimately I just cannot seem to get this menu to take focus when its first instantiated.

    Has anybody else had this same issue and resolved it?

    I am using the UDKFrontend method to build our menus and as such the code example from epic is enough to allow you to recreate this.

    Please help guys

    Not sure about kismet, but in Unrealscript I call SetPriority() on the gfx movie instance. It takes a byte value. Hope that helps in some way.