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HUD and Main Menu of Game

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    HUD and Main Menu of Game

    Dear Fellows,

    I am back again to UDK after 3 years. I will ask quickly about HUD and Main Menu. Tell me that without using Flash or ScaleForm I want to make HUD and Main Menu.

    Here I want to show you images that what I am talking about.



    Waiting for your response anxiously.

    If you dont want flash or scaleform you are only left using kismet and a lot of imagination i guess.You coud modify the existing udk menu(changing buttons,color i supose)but take a look at this.

    It is usable for making a menu.


      Here's a link to a thread containing two ready-built UI systems, which might be worth a look. Can't advise further as I haven't done much in this area, except for non-multiplayer, where its easy to attach a plane to the camera / player showing similar info and utilizing RTT / Scene capture cams to make the display look pretty...


        @majic 12 @frankit... Thanks a lot for your quick response. I will go through with both links and then if still I find problem or any issue I will again disturb you.