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[SOLVED hack fix] disableFocusKeys not working and performing irregularly

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    [SOLVED hack fix] disableFocusKeys not working and performing irregularly


    I have setup a keybinding menu and currently the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) are still being used to tab across the menu. I set disableFocusKeys = true; on the FocusManager but it doesn't stop the arrow keys moving around the menu.

    When I set disableFocusKeys to false it tabs but only every second menu item.

    I have no problem capturing the key events for arrows but disabling the focus keys in this part of the menu is vital to be able to re-bind the arrow keys for left handed gamers.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    I created a solution for the disableFocusKeys not working.

    As I was creating a keybind menu and needed to trap the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and HOME INSERT etc keys , I needed to make sure they didn't follow the tab order and switch focus.

    I created an internal movieclip that captured the KeyDown. I set the following code to force the clip to become Modal and only focus within the clip itself.

    When the movieclip closed and the bind was set or cancelled, I simply set the Modal clip to undefined

    Hope it helps.

    Still have this problem. Would anyone have had a similar problem?


      I don-t think it works fine.

      Are you instancing the movie from kismet or from unrealscript ?

      Instancing from unrealscript may give you some solutions.

      Means from the HUD, start a new object wich is your movie, with the New keyword.


        it is instanced from kismet and I have tried all kinds of ignoreKeys and captureInput settings. I will test this with an instanced version but I don't think I am able to load it dynamically (not my code... just working on the scaleform side of things. only have limited ability to change things).

        [Edit: I changed the settings in the usual places and the hardcoded method in the FocusManager directly. No change. The actual variable get/setter looks like a native function so I cannot see or alter the code as I don't have c++ access. ]