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Modding a UI with Scaleform

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    Modding a UI with Scaleform

    I'm trying to modify an existing UI for the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The game has full integration with the UDK editor and frontend, and the developers provide the source files for the vanilla game, which makes modding fairly easy. However I'm new to Scaleform, and every tutorial is based off creating new files and projects rather than working with existing ones.

    My problem right now is modifying a weapon selection menu, mainly adding in my own icons to be used in the menu. When I look at the existing library items (the weapon selection icons) in the weapon icons fla file provided, they all have actionscript linkage. I can select Edit Class on any of the library items. When I do this, Flash brings up a new, unnamed Script file with the library item's actionscript in it, but it's not referring to any existing actionscript file I can find in the source files (hence the blank name of the script).

    So I'm at a loss as to where the .fla file is actually drawing this actionscript from. What I want to do is insert my own actionscript and image that I can then use in-game, but I don't know how the game itself is doing this already.


    You have to go to, right click component, properties, then there's a sentence called UI linkage, something like

    gfx.controls.SomeClass, wich that is the direction of your clikComponents, Flash\AS2\CLIK\gfx\ComponentOfATinyButton

    in your game directiory.