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    message display time

    I wasnt sure where to post this,here or in the programing section.

    how do I change the length of time a message is displayed when using the gfx flashes so quick it is barely readable.

    if I use buseclassichud=true,I can change the message time with lifetime in the message.uc ,but this has no effect in gfxhud.


    still looking for an answer if anyone knows it.thanks.


      Maybe if you offer some code in the section where you're at someone won't have to think too hard and they might be inspired to offer a pointer, dunno, worth a try...

      I had a look thru, and as you know messages appear picking up weapon/ammo, so it will be a similar to what you want. It will have some kind of timer.

      nearest I could find to Message and timer (playerController):

      reliable client event ClientMessage( coerce string S, optional Name Type, optional float MsgLifeTime )

      relevant piece being MsgLifeTime.

      in HUD.uc:

      function AddConsoleMessage(string M, class<LocalMessage> InMessageClass, PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, optional float LifeTime)
      (console referring to hud, not an actual console??)

      again, LifeTime at the end there.

      some MOBA code that includes 'LifeTime:'
      function ReceivedMoney(int Amount, Vector WorldLocation)
      	local SReceivedMoneyMessage ReceivedMoneyMessage;
      	if (HUDProperties == None)
      	// Create a new received money message
      	ReceivedMoneyMessage.Text = "$"$Amount;
      	ReceivedMoneyMessage.WorldLocation = WorldLocation;
      	ReceivedMoneyMessage.LifeTime = HUDProperties.ReceivedMoneyLifeTime;   <- .LifeTime
      	// Add the received money message to array
      and from LocalMessage.uc:
      static function float GetLifeTime(int Switch)
          return default.LifeTime;
      UT script is pretty uniform, so usually when I figure out code one area I apply it too another and with bodging and it usually works :P

      In the weapon/ammo pickup I came across: handlePickup announcePickup but I found nothing about the timer.

      if nothing else, Gaz this is a bump.


        im just using the standard gfx hud,I havnt changed anything in the script at all.i just moved some objects around in flash.

        nothing in HUD.uc affects the gfx hud(I have tried)and searching through all the gfx files didn't help.

        I thank you for your obvious trouble and time but im doing it in a different way now and have moved the offending messages off screen.


          'Moved it off the screen,' problem solved!

          I dl your darkarts to take a look. It's practical stuff and it works. I have a different approach that complicates things, so like a ball of wool, you just re-colour, where I would get really tangled XD.
          btw, appreciate your help, freebies and tuts!