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GFxMovie doesn't scale size when changing resolution format

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    GFxMovie doesn't scale size when changing resolution format

    Hey there,

    I've got a problem. My GFxMovie is 1920x1080. When viewing the movie in game with a resolution of 1280x720 everything is fine. But when changing to for example 800x600 or any other resolution with another format, then the rest of the movie get's cut off, instead of resizing and adding black bars.

    Does anybody have an idea where this might come from?

    Any ideas appreciated!

    P.S.: I'm building my Menu on basis of the UDKFrontEnd Menu.

    3 questions from the top of my head:

    Do you have a Resize handler in your Flash script ?
    Is it being triggered at res change ?
    If so, is the logic within working properly ?


      Hey, thanks for your reply : D.

      I have no resize handler. The thing is, we have another menu that is a single .fla and when resizing to another size it just adds black bars when it doesn't fit.

      But the resizing handler sounds interesting, how would I implement that? I saw a function
      function onResize(visibleRect:flash.geom.Rectangle
      in UDK_Hud.fla.
      But how would I "resize" my menu? I don't necessarily have to move stuff so they fit in, just making the menu smaller and adding black bars would suffice.


        Simply add onResize handler to Stage like this stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, myOnResizeHandler);
        The resize logic depends on your needs so you will need to figure that out for yourself. I personally don't like the black bars, so I have resize logic implemented for all aspect ratios.


          Thanks a lot davek, this helps!

          + I found this:
          Stage.scaleMode = "ShowAll";
          Just put that into your menus AS and it will always resize to show all.. : D


            Originally posted by Timoses View Post
            Just put that into your menus AS and it will always resize to show all.. : D
            Yes it does, but the results are usually pretty bad, especially as you introduce bitmaps into the lot. It's either pixelated and blurry or filtered into a horrible mess.
            Obviously, depends on the setup but I never use ShowAll. NoScale with some manual work and testing gives far better, predictable results.


              I use:

              SetViewScaleMode(SM_NoScale); for the mouse cursor movie
              SetViewScaleMode(SM_NoBorder);for full-screen background images movie
              SetViewScaleMode(SM_ShowAll); for the all the GUI (Hud,popups,etc) movies