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GFxMoviePlayer gets restarted after I kill bot and move

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    GFxMoviePlayer gets restarted after I kill bot and move

    Guys, I have a gun with a ammo display, and it works ok. I can shot. The ammo count gets decremented. The bots get killed etc. As soon as I kill a bot and move the GFxMoviePlayer which controls the ammo display gets reinitialized. Ammo goes back to 100. Doesn't work anymore, i.e. it doesn't get decremented etc.

    Anyone knows what is the story with it?

    Thank you.

    I observed that this behavior doesn't happen when the bots are spawn via kismet.

    What you describe sounds like a mess up in Kismet, but obviously can't be sure without further info. There are many ways for us to mess up in UDK. If the movie in question is indeed your HUD as I assume it is, it should NOT be initialized through Kismet, but through your custom HUD wrapper in UnrealScript. Study the UT classes to get more insight into how it should be done.