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    Well your lack of scripting experience is a problem really as in UDK you can't really move anywhere without doing quite a bit of it.
    Basics is to reference the TextField in your Flash movie through a GFx widget in UnrealScript and change it from there. It works, for working examples, study the GFxMinimapHud class.

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  • started a topic Ammo Display

    Ammo Display


    I want to display the guns' ammo. So I will have more weapons
    and I want each of ammo (something like this 30/40) WITH a Flash scene.
    I want just the ammo so like numbers, I searched for hours, but I didn't find that
    I want. I can make the Flash file, but I can't call the weapon bullets and its capacity with
    KISMET or with UnrealScript (I don't really know how to script, just the basics...).
    Please Anyone help?!

    Thanks in advance,