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Learning Scaleform 4 (AS3) quick and easy?

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    Learning Scaleform 4 (AS3) quick and easy?


    I'm working with several friends on a game and they gave me the task of creating a custom HUD for it. I'm no fan of Canvas HUDs limitations so I thought it would be a good idea to make a Scaleform one instead. Problem is: I've never used Scaleform and am having a very hard time finding beginners tutorials for it.

    What I'd specifically like to learn right now:

    How to create a custom HUD with HP, Ammo, and Currency shown to the user.

    The HP system will be attached to the player, the ammo will be attached to a custom weapon that one of my friends is making, and the currency system will be tied to the purchase of upgradable items.

    Where can I find some tutorials that can help me out? I do not need tutorials on how to use Flash or ActionScript. I have an associate's degree in Flash Game Programming. I just know nothing about Scaleform. What do you recommend to help me with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Google Matt Doyle's tutorials, he's also done a nice series of videotutorials on Scaleform, very informative. Or study examples that ship with UDK, I've learnt a ton of things simply going through a lot of code.