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Beginners Question: Dynamic text doesn't show characters but fonts are embedded

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    Hi Darknet,

    Thanks I will try this. Found a work around. I simply changed the font in flash to Arial regular and this seemed to embed the text properly. But I will try your solution too.

    Many thanks..

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    You need to text field format set to it.

    _tf = new TextField();
    _tf.embedFonts = true;
    _tf.defaultTextFormat = ;

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  • Beginners Question: Dynamic text doesn't show characters but fonts are embedded


    We're working on a geology simulation to train geologists using rock models produced by Medusa Pro, our rock model generator. We're using Flash CS6, actionscript 3 and Scaleform for the UI. So far we have be working on the UI for only one day...and have made great progress, but now..... a problem with text display we just can't understand.

    The issue is we are passing a string from unrealscript to the text parameter of a textfield within a movieClip (bearing on the lower right of the compass). The code seems to work, the text within the textfield changes from its default, however, the characters are displayed as boxes. See below:

    So sounds simple....we thought sounds like the font embedding. So we've ensured the font (Arial Bold) is embedded in the SWF (basic latin), we've ensured that it is exported for actionscript 3, and we've tried both classic (DF3) and TFL (DF4) outline format. No difference, in fact what is strange is the other dynamic textfields shown above still have their default values and do display the characters properly, and from the tutorials we've seen this would not be the case if the font was not embedded. Ah ha we thought, there most be some problem with the unrealscript, maybe the string just contains the wrong ascii codes. So we've tested the unrealscript with a literal string ("A A" is shown in the example above) and as a string variable. No difference, but the textfield is clearly obtaining the string, just not displaying it properly. The script is shown below:

    compassWidget.getObject("txtBearing").SetString("t ext","A A");

    What are we missing? We are flummoxed.... and a bit grumpy. We expect there is an idiot beginner explanation.

    If you are interested in Medusa Pro is is here: