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[Kismet] Display chronometer

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    [Kismet] Display chronometer

    Hi !

    I'm new to UDK develpment and I have an issue that seems easy but I can't figure how to get it working for a while :/

    I want to create a chronometer and display it on the HUD (like in a race game like mario kart etc). I create the chronometer logic in Kismet but I don't know how to display it in the HUD.
    Here is my Kismet (simple for testing) exemple :

    As you can see, my last try was with the "Draw text" component but I guess I can't inject "custom text" (from the "convert string") in it :/

    Thank you for your help

    PS : I hope I'm on the right subforum since I didn't find a Kismet's one

    Don't think that's the right approach. Why use Kismet for this ?
    This should be approached through either Canvas or Scaleform, Canvas being the faster route and drawing text through it is really easy.