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Menu re-appears after loading the map

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    Menu re-appears after loading the map

    Here is a picture of the kismet.

    I have 2 buttons on my menu that I made with ActionScript, Start Game and Exit game. When I try to run the game and press Start game button, the map is loading but after the load, it goes again to the menu. If I press Exit Game button, it exits the game like it supposed to do. Also is there any way to make the resolution of my menu to be exactly like UDK's because I made mine 1280-1024 but the menu is small in-game.

    So I followed these 2 tutorials:

    Done exactly the same things but I have the same problem with the start button. After loading the map, it goes back to starting menu, like a loop. I saw that these 2 guides are kinda old so did something changed in the latest versions of UDK? I use UDK-2013-07.