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Scaleform Inventory Mulitple items in As3 and Clik

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    Scaleform Inventory Mulitple items in As3 and Clik

    I've used the clik method to create a .swf file for an inventory with item slots and an item. In flash player I can successfully drag and drop the icon for the item into different slots. Whilst it look good, I'm not sure that it shouldn't be coded in an .as script file with include statements rather than this simple method.

    Firstly I cannot manage to successfully add other items to the be in the slots using the sflogo CLIK method where the icons will appear in the swf and can be moved.
    I've tried adding itemslotname.content = new itemname(); to a frame for each. Presumably you need the icon symbol in each frame.
    Anyway, I'm not sure how to set it up.

    Or should it be like the MMO kit and all be coded through an .as file?