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flash CC --> scaleform failure

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    flash CC --> scaleform failure

    this forced attrition of mxp has me pulling my hair out.
    my unfortunate situation is;

    flash pro cc
    udk w/scaleform

    if we can't use flash pro cc, what other options are there?
    is there an update coming soon for the zxp file format?

    thank you =)

    In the meantime you could convert the MXP to ZXP yourself using CS6. I'll give you the link now but if you had taken 1 second to search for 'MXP' in this subforum you'd already know what to do.


      I have in fact found that but it looks as though using the zmx format is problematic (the search yielded a lot of "I have a problem when converting" issues) so I just figured I would go straight to the better of the options... if there is one =(

      I have even download the latest extension manager from adobe and tried the conversion but I too am having problems with it.

      Adobe doesn't seem very fond of hanging on to the legacy stuff..

      I am all for progress but until udk / scaleform update, none of the tutorials or information is relevant and I need all the help I can get..

      This is most likely the crux of the issue. I am sure all of these products themselves are wonderful especially for the people who know what they're doing but I am trying to follow along with material that is a year or two out of date so it creates some issues.

      Starting where I am starting from, I feel it would be best to learn something that will be useful for a period of time as opposed to learning "how it was done".. not that I want to skip fundamentals.. anyway, thank you for your reply. I will re-visit the issue from the suggested angle again and see if I can't figure something out.