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HELP! Flash + GFx Movie Clip in UDK Kismet Finicky Click detection

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    HELP! Flash + GFx Movie Clip in UDK Kismet Finicky Click detection

    Hey everyone!
    I have created a simple flash movie clip conversation sequence similar to Fire Emblem (RPG) dialogue
    (click a button in flash to go to next frame, uses a flash cursor)

    When I play it as a standalone flash file it works flawlessly, but when I import into UDK and have it open through GFx movie clip it works, except is somewhat finicky.

    Sometimes it takes roughly 6-7 clicks on the button (move mouse all over the button hit in various areas) and sometimes i click it once and it advances to next frame. If i click on a single spot and it doesn't work, then it wont work no matter how many times i click without moving curosr position and try to click on another area of the button

    I have no idea why it is like this, I do not know if it is a flash problem or if its a UDK problem

    here's the code I use in flash, since there is no code need for UDK

    Cursor code (the cursor is a movie clip)
    Actionscript layer code
    button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, buttonClick1);
    function buttonClick1(ev:MouseEvent):void
    - this makes the cursor click on my button and the flash movie will go to frame 2 and play until frame 10 which has another button and this same code except it will say go to frame 20.

    I've tried making the box bigger but it doesn't help, I am using AS3, and I can send the flash file (its very small and simple) if anyone would mind taking a look at it.

    Could it be that your cursor is above the button and when you click you don't hit the button but instead hit the cursor and nothing happens?

    In that case do:

    cursor_mc.mouseEnabled = false;
    cursor_mc.mouseChildren = false;


      Thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!!