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Scaleform UILoader Source from External Image Problem

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    Scaleform UILoader Source from External Image Problem

    Before starting this thread i would like to say, dont mind my frustration venting if and any while explaining my problem.
    It is my fault for not reading carefully about all the details, still though no mention of it was ever done clearly anyway.

    if you want the problem without the blabla goto -> $$

    A little Prologue:
    I am the main programmer for our game and while constructing all the base functionality for main menu Graphics,Sounds,GamePlay options etc
    it was the time to start building the save-load system i have done everything about folder scans,delete saves,dlls etc then i thought of a nice
    addition.Putting a screenshot of the current game view along with save game options in the scrolling list

    SO i created a custom itemrenderer for the picture to be depicted
    I build my own way of taking screenshots as the console command of unreal is handicapped and useless since its asynchronous and works with SetTimer() only

    $$ -> Then testing my setup on the flash side it worked alright the pictures were shown near the save files (in the ui scrolling list)

    But to my extreme frustration i found out that while imported the main menu cant find the picture.The paths are right,but while seaching a bit i found that the source
    property in the UILoader can only find internal images of udk packages when imported(and thats hypothetically), so a week and something of work goes through the window.

    This kind of feature in a game should the norm and being capable of using external resources on runtime shouldnt be that hard or impossible, seriously the last
    few days i have been really irritated with the many things unreal CANT do.

    Finally my question and plea to the world of unreal:
    Is there a way to load or import an image on runtime so that it can be used for the UI?


    Update: Well folks for anyone that might be interested i will tell you that with no access to the UE3 source code this task is basically impossible
    so dont go coding your own screenshot and image to string conversion dlls like me to make a half decent save system.

    1)There is no way to import export any assets at runtime
    2)There is no image processing capabilities in unrealscript (not any worthwhile ones anyway)
    3)While you could use Render To Texture to display images in the gui from dynamically taken screenshots by the SceneCapture actor
    there is NO way to save those textures at runtime for the next game run aka Render To Texture is useless for what we need

    Unless an update or change is done by Epic (or Scaleform) in source code to allow either the dynamic import or at least use of external (and i mean on disk somewhere) assets
    at runtime creating screenshots and then using them for ui like me is impossible(and i guess there are many other similar cases other than mine)

    if Anyone still has any idea or update on this though please reply