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    A few questions


    I'm fairly new to UDK. I've dabbled with it in the past, but never used it for anything substantial. I'm a VFX artist working in advertising right now, so have never had a need to use UDK for anything.

    Anyway, I'm beginning a long term game project, and am in the process of investigating various engines' suitability for the project. At the moment, its a toss-up between UDK and Unity. I'm tending more towards UDK due to the Scaleform integration (amongst other things).

    One of the essential things that we need to work in the engine is this: we need to be able to place interactive UIs on animated mesh geometry (think, someone holding a tablet or phone), which are controlled through Scaleform, and populated with values taken from an online database.

    Would Scaleform support something like this, and in your best guess, how much extra work it would take to implement. The scripting isn't a problem, its more of a feasibility study at this stage.


    Yes. There is an example of placing a Scaleform animation on a world object in the example map that comes with UDK. It would take only a few lines of script to "bind" the movie to a socket on a mesh.

    The online database stuff is harder but completely doable, see TCPLink for that. Once you have the values in UDK, you would just need to pass them to the GFx movie which also isn't too hard.