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gotoAndPlay messes up tween

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    gotoAndPlay messes up tween

    Well to make it short i have a flash movie with tween applied to an symbol, in the first frame of it i set it to stop using stop(); in the action script side

    Since i only want the tween to happend after a specific function in UC has been called so when the function is called i get the symbol instance and make it play the second frame where the tween begins using gotoAndPlayi(2);

    The thing is when i try that the tween is for some reason half way trough it rather than starting with the tween

    in other words

    in the first frame of the flash symbol i have stop(); called so the tween doesnt play and i can later call it trough unreal script

    Now if i call gotoandPlayi(2); It should play the second frame and begin the tween right? since the tween IS in the second frame of the symbol and begins there

    While it does call the tween it starts halfway trough the tween..for some reason

    i tried to manage all my tweens using unreal script trough the TweenTo function in UTGFxTweenableMovie but it doesnt seem to do anything..

    I hope its clear enough else i can upload some screenshots of what i mean