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[Questions] Drag & Drop System (AS3)

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    [Questions] Drag & Drop System (AS3)

    i try to implement a drag & drop system... ive started with this (Scaleform CLIK - Drag and Drop) and it works really great but the functionality is very limeted
    after that i read the Scaleform docu ... but with my very limited actionscript knowledge it dont really help

    so are there any examples about implement some events like handleDropEvent ?

    an AS2 Example will be cool too


      Have a look at <your udk install path>/Development/Flash/AS2/CLIK/demos/InventoryDemo.fla

      It contains an amazing example of how to implement the drag and drop system in an inventory format.

      Unfortunately that demo is for AS2, not AS3, not sure if it's compatible, I'm still a beginner in terms of flash. If you want to change the functionality of the drop, all you need to do is create your own class and extend from InventorySlot. I had to do that because I wanted to call a UDK function as soon as you equipped something, so I created my own class, extended from InventorySlot and did an override of: private function acceptDrop(data:Object):Void

      I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, so I can't be more helpful, but check the Demo I mentioned, it should cover everything you need.


        thanks, I have not noticed the InventoryDemo
        also the information about the InventorySlot is very usefull