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[Sound, SoundThemes] No errors, yet no sound.

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    [Sound, SoundThemes] No errors, yet no sound.

    Hello, currently trying to get my UI to have sound within it.

    Here is the code for the Main Menu UI

    class HoV_GFxMainMenu extends GFxMoviePlayer;
    defaultproperties {
    	WidgetBindings(0) = { ( WidgetName = "myButton", WidgetClass = class'GFxClikWidget' ) }
    	SoundThemes(0) = { ( ThemeName = default, Theme = UISoundTheme'UDKFrontEnd.Sound.SoundTheme' ) }
    My UI map is a map with a player spawn, no lights, and just a Kismet to open and play the GFxMovie, with the above class as my player.

    The UI just consists of a button in the middle with the instance name of 'myButton'.

    When the map loads, I don't hear any roll over sounds from buttons or click sounds.

    Any thoughts on what might be my issue?