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Flash movie rendered in a texture 2d render target has no transparency

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    That did it, Thanks man!

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    Your material needs to use blend mode BLEND_AlphaComposite, and the GFxMoviePlayer RenderTextureMode should be RTM_AlphaComposite.

    Also the opacity from the texture should come from the white socket.

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  • Flash movie rendered in a texture 2d render target has no transparency

    So, as i got started to work on a 3D Combat text similar to the ones you see in a RPG game where you hit an enemy and a few numbers with the damage done come

    Rather than faking it with scaleform aka updating the 2D ui element to the 3D position of it i decided to make it an actual 3d text

    so i created a new actor that once spawned it initializes my flash movie and then sets a text field on it with the damage done its just a plane and i render the flash movie in it

    My problem is that while when i render the movie in full screen i have full transparency , when its rendered on the surface i dont have any of it

    here are some pics of my issue

    First the flash movie itself .

    Then a bit modified render target, i took a look at the UI_Bomb mat in the content browser since it displays a 3d mob flash movie with transpanrecy so from what i could gather it just uses a black flash movie and then adds the transparency trough the material editor

    While that works it also changes the Number transparency way too much i want to "hide" the background and only let the number be visible completly

    and here is a pic of it with no modified transparency from the material editor

    So well thats pretty much it..