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Multiple controllers using AS2

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    Multiple controllers using AS2

    AS2 doesn't seem to receive a different controllerID for the Key.onKeyDown() function when testing in the editor.

    Running the movie using the Scaleform Launcher in Adobe Flash gives me a 0 and 1 for my two controllers, but when I import into Unreal, both controllers report as index 0. Not sure if I've got something set wrong in my Unrealscript / project or in the movie itself.

    Any hints that might start me looking in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, we're too close to alpha to switch everything up to AS3, unfortunately, so I need to figure out how to handle split screen using only Actionscript 2.0.

    Update: Is there a delete option for editing posts?

    Problem solved. All I needed was a programmer and a quick search for a comment starting with "Hack" to find that the controllerID was being slammed to 0 as part of a quick fix to a much earlier bug in our UI.