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[SOLVED] How to pre-load data in Scaleform menu?

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    [SOLVED] How to pre-load data in Scaleform menu?

    I have a flash movie set for a main menu.
    Everything works fine, animations, events, transfering data forth/back, saving/loading, etc.

    Everything except one minor detail.

    When the flash movie first loads on frame 1 it still does not have the data from my save file.
    The data is populated through Set functions from Unreal Script in the "Start" function and yet when the movie shows for the first time it still uses data from the AS, not the one populated from US.

    Please someone with enough experience point me to whether I should refactor my menu system to show some initial screen, that does not depend on the UScript data in order to fix this, or is there a way to
    send variables from UnrealScript to Scaleform before frame one gets rendered?

    I just shifted all layers to the right 1 frame and copied all keyframes for visual elements.
    Because my buttons "move in" at frame 1 there is nothing visible.
    So basically my label starts at frame 2. At frame 1 all internal variables are initiated, then the UScript re-populates them with correct data and at frame 1 all shows as expected.

    If there is a better way to do that without the additional frame at the start I would be very tankful if someone shares.

    I think one way is to have the frame one call a function which initializes it when the frame is called, so that there will be no need for the second frame. I needed to do this when I loaded up a HUD


      The problem with this is that I send my init object from Unrealscript when the save data file is loaded. If I call it from AS I need to place the load/save routines in the GFx class, which gets initialized way after I need the loaded data in my game.
      I might try something if I run into issues, but so far all is ok.

      I've stumbled into another issue though .. call the iPad software keyboard from flash ... Any tips in that direction?


        I'm not sure about that, try the kirupa forums for flash advice on the ios devices, also; this may need to be done from unrealscript as scaleform may not support those kinds of external calls directly to the ios device.

        This may send you in a direction but im not sure. functions