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Sound related problems with scaleform

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    Sound related problems with scaleform

    Hello, i got some problems with sounds in udk together with the scaleform

    the first is about UISoundThemes

    i have attached an UT3 soundTheme to my gfxPlayer, but even if the clik events are fired, it doesnt activate these sounds
    i just cant hear anything

    but somehow as i tested, using the PlaySoundFromTheme('Click', 'SomeTheme') function to play sounds from within 'CLIK_click' listener functions works properly

    second problem i had is about playing music (in background) while the GFX movie is active
    in kismet Play Sound and Play Music Track nodes dont even work if a menu for example is on focus, also ive tested that opening GFX movie just mutes all the sounds from the game
    is there any other way to have some music playing in the background while GFX is running?