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Fresh start, AS2 or AS3 ?

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    Fresh start, AS2 or AS3 ?


    So, I've recently bought Flash CS6 with a view to working hard at getting good UI's / HUD's in my various UDK projects. Seeing as I have no direct prior skill in AS2 or AS3, which would be the better to target ?

    Please keep in mind when making a suggestion :
    1) I'm a veteran programmer with several years experience in various languages such as PHP, C and my primary language, C++.
    2) I'm after a choice which doesn't necessarily give quick results (what I mean by this is, I suspect AS2 would give easier and quicker results, but I fear learning AS2 may be a waste for a blank slate like myself)
    3) I'm going to be using CLIK

    Thanks for any useful answers

    From a programmer's viewpoint, AS3 is better. Many documents in the UDN are still targeted to AS2 so you'll need to find how to do it in AS3, though.