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[SOLVED] Kismet - Commands for Fullscren+DX11

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    Well I figured it out myself, the commands are:

    1) SCALE set ResX 1920 / SCALE set ResY 1080
    2) SCALE set Fullscreen True/False
    3) SCALE set AllowD3D11 True/False

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  • started a topic [SOLVED] Kismet - Commands for Fullscren+DX11

    [SOLVED] Kismet - Commands for Fullscren+DX11

    Hey there guys,

    first let me introduce myself. I'm DaveTheFreak, 23 years old, a Design Student and currently starting to get into the UDK after many years of working with the idTech 4.
    For I have to prepare my bachelor thesis (B.A.) I watched lots of tutorials to get used to work with the UDK and so far: it's far more complex than the idTech 4 but also offers way more possibilites (that's why the switch).

    Currently I'm working on a simple Menu using Flash and Kismet, that appears on "Level Loaded". And well it is working great so far...

    ...except the fact that I can't make the "Fullscreen" and "DirectX11" Buttons to work for I haven't found any console commands.
    The Resolution works great with "FsCommand" linked to a "Console Command" using the Command "SETRES 1920x1080f", though it's always linked to fullscreen on/off. The Kismet window looks like this:

    So what I need is the console commands for:
    1) Resolution WITHOUT f/w (for Fullscreen on/off)
    1) Enable/Disable Fullscreen
    2) Enable/Disable DirectX 11 (or in specific: Tesselation)

    Please help me with that, so I can finish the main-menu.
    If possible, only suggest solutions within Kismet for I am a Designer and I don't want to go too much into UnrealScript (,yet) if not completely necessary!