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Ridiculously simple problem

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    Ridiculously simple problem

    Hey, starting out with my HUD, and I've run into a really simple problem that I haven't been able to find any information on at all.

    I have a DefaultButton from the clik_components_AS3 file, and all i want to do is disable it in actionscript.. very simple. I tried testButton.enabled = false, and checked it in the debugger, all well and good, the debugger says the button is not enabled, but I can still click on it and the graphics don't change to the disabled look.

    Any help would be great, also please let me know of any imports i need to add etc.

    Cheers guys.

    Oh yeh, I have it set up for as3 and flash 10 etc, a few other controls like the default label are fine.

    If it's just the appearance bothering then use *yourButtonInstanceName*.gotoAndStop(40); or try gotoAndStop(disabled);