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This is probably an easy one to answer

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    SOLVED IT! (On my own this time)

    In Giotto, I thought I was naming the object, but I wasn't. I guess one of the differences between Flash and Giotto bit me in the ***. Ah well, I got it.

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  • started a topic This is probably an easy one to answer

    This is probably an easy one to answer

    First, I'm using Vectorian Giotto. So far it works great and I'm able to follow the tutorials that are using Flash. Both programs are very similar.

    So my question is. I created a swf that has some dynamic text fields, that aren't converted to movie clips. I'm able to access these and write what ever I want in them without any problems. My hud works great. I wanted to start using Movie Clips, this way I can have different things going on in my HUD. The problem is as soon as I convert the Dynamic Text Fields to movieclips, I can no longer access them. Also I'd like to be able to set the Movie Clip's visibility and current frames to start from and stop at and all that fun stuff, and to do this I think I need to create a GFxObject in UnrealScript that represents these Movie Clips. I figured I would have something like:

    MovieClip and TextField represent the names assigned in the .fla.

    var GFxObject MC, TF;
    MC = GetVariableObject("_root.MovieClip");
    TF = MC.GetObject("TextField");
    But this doesn't seem to be even close. When I try
    I can still see that dang Movie Clip. Also now when I try to edit the text field, nothing happens.

    Oh and one more question. In regards to the Library in Flash / Giotto, the Properties Dialog Box for each Movie Clip has the following items:
    -An Input Box for "Identifier"
    -An Input Box for "Class Name"
    -Check Box for "Export for ActionScript"
    -Check Box for "Export in first frame"
    Do I need to do anything with these items in order to access the movie clips in UnrealScript?

    Sorry I didn't post the actual code I'm using, I'm at the office and I'm going from memory.