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Acces Flash Variables AS2 Variables with UDK , Unrealscript Should be fixed

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    Acces Flash Variables AS2 Variables with UDK , Unrealscript Should be fixed

    Just came back to the scaleform programming , and before i had the issue that i couldn't acces the variables , i fixed it by using the Skinned Menu on the dev/src/flash/tutorial file .

    Now that i came back , i had to do the same thing. And even if you use a reference to that skinned menu on defaultproperties or not, it stills gets the variables of it. But it doesen't happend the same with your own flash movie

    All time i tried to acces my own Flash file , whatever i tried , my Unreal class didn't aces anything in my AS2 variables , Something it's wrong idk,
    But when US tried to accces them nothing was found.

    In My opinion that should be fixed , because it's basic for strating to grind the scaleform skill for any noob.

    So that's what i ask please fix the Communication between the SWF as2 vars and unrealscript.

    There's nothing to be fixed in this case. It is all tested working. Perhaps if you can provide me with your code & Flash file, I can help you figure out what needs adjusting.


      My version of adobe flash it's the cs5

      im just saying maybe you could make another tutorial on how to acces vars .. because as i said i had this problem time agao and now again , i could resolve it by that , dirty way . "Deleting everything from the skinned menu and use it"

      Maybe you could make a video tutorial making a file from scratch , and accessing it's variables , because that it's a basic for you scaleform comms , and im sure that lots of people will have the same problem.

      So that would proof it works , because if i do that ,"Make file from sratch place some vars in a time line and try acces them through unrealscript" it fails , i don't know why it's not accessing anything .

      And make that tut would be 5 mins and would really help people , it would be the very basic tut to communicate AS with Unrealscript

      Basically this into a video


        Here's AS3 sample files that work:


          Well it's up to you i don't know im just suggesting "helping out " : P Because it's the very basic thing , wich is not enough docuemnted , acces those vars

          As2 accessing vars tutorial, i would do it , but i can't , if it's making your file from scratch.