Dear all,

I have a strange problem here and I tried two weeks to fix it but no results coming out yet.

I have some flash files that imported to UDK. Inside of each flash, the player is asked to finish some questions and get a score in the final. I saved this score with a variable name(var pts) inside the flash in the end.

Then I create a scorebad HUD.uc in order to get the overall score from each flash. The problem is I try to use GFX GetVariable in KISMET to pass the score information to my scorebarHUD but never make it happen. I enabled the GFXUI -log to trace the flash and it shows the flash does have a score information in my (var pts) and I do named pts in the "GFX GetVariable" function. Why can't I obtain this variable?

Any reply will be appriciated and I really look forward to geting some tips about this problem from you senior developers.

Thanks a ton..