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Scaleform Main Menu Save UI

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  • Scaleform Main Menu Save UI

    So here i finally am and hello to everyone i must say i never thought it would come the time i would need to get my problems here on the forums but it seems i have reached a dead end and i would like to know if there is any alternatives to my problem or at least some guidance would be really appreciated.

    In our project i am the guy resposible for the programming part and i should say, that part includes having learned and still learning the full extend of unreal script as well as actionscript etc.

    My actionscript is skills are currently about as good as raw sewage i am able to create most of menus ingame hud and main menu without much effort and fast but so far it has been a "hit wall try then to break it" style but having a C++ background i guide myself around as most things are the same in terms of functionality anyway thats why i started studying AS2 AS3 in depth.What i would like to know though is if there is any point to it for i currrently try to achieve.And finally the problem:

    I finished inmplementing a save load system in UC that works pretty well for our current project but it is of course in an exec console command like

    press title => then type "save whateveryouwant" and then "load whateveryouwant" so the time had come for me to make a visual interface to have this function work in a proper save and load interface and here is where my torment began after lots of trials and lots of talk with my partner about the its visual presantation and functionality
    we decided that a "static button save system" meaning that there will be prexisting buttons that will be the only available save locations would inattractive, clanky and a real hassle if a user wanted to transfer his save files (not to mention the inability of unrealscript to remove a file from a folder having me create a DLL bind just for a remove function gets on my nerves).

    SO Whats the good system we decided on? it is pretty similar idea to the skyrim and mass effect style system where a player save in the first empty save location the a new empty save location appears and then the same process over and over and off course when a save file is deleted the list collapses to cover the empty space inbetween the save files like this:


    My save 1

    My save 2 <= select this the press a delete button and the list collapses see next *

    My save 3

    Empty Save Location

    * Saves:

    My save 1

    My save 3

    Empty Save Location

    So you might wonder what my problem? Its implementation (collapsing and dynamically creating and holding a button)is impossible through just basic knowladge of scaleform (thats why i am getting in depth with AS2,3) but so far it seems to be just another dead end endeavor (not that i will ever give up only over my dead body!)
    lately i was trying to think some ways to implement this through UC but i havent gotten to much progress on that field either.

    Any tips, help, suggestions and guidance on my problem would be very much appreciated when and if i get any info on this i will be posting the final result and its whole implementation method

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    I also dislike having to mess with Flash and AS, I'm not very good at it.
    My luck is that my menu system is only for main screen and level loading screens.

    Please remember that Scaleform/Flash is only there to provide a pretty view, the core code should be in the engine in Unreal Script.
    Don't try to implement engine actions on the UI, it *will* get messy.

    For the UDK/UE3 part, here are a few links:

    * Have you seen this gem( There is an example map and code at the end.
    * See also:

    PM me, I may be able to help further, with more details.