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Offset problem with showAll scalemode

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    Update: I never found a way to solve the offset problem.
    My solution was to use noScale, since this allows for my to control the positioning of the menu elements using "stage" functions.
    CLIK components don't scale well, but if you put them inside a movieclip, you can scale this using AS with no problems.
    I set up an if/else-loop to set the scale my components based on the size of the stage.
    This has worked out for me - I hope it can help you too

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  • started a topic Offset problem with showAll scalemode

    Offset problem with showAll scalemode

    Hello everyone,

    I am struggeling with finding a proper method to scale my main menu.

    My initial thought was to simply use "noScale" and control everything (positioning/_xscale/_yscale) manual by having three scale presets/categories.
    This did not work since CLIK components w. 9-slice items become pretty messed up when you scale them in flash.

    I found that "showAll" did a better job - however here the movie is repositioned after resolution change.
    Narrower resolutions (4:3) gets an y offset while wider resolutions (16:9) gets an x offset.

    The size of the swf is perfect after resolution change, so my only issue is the viewport offset.
    Does any of you have experience with?

    The menu has items that should be placed in the corners so the positioning has to be spot on.

    Your help is much appreciated,
    Thank you!