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Special health bar with AS2

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  • Special health bar with AS2

    Hi !

    I'm new on this forum. I'm student at a 3D animation and video games school in Paris(FR). Of course I am in the video games section, this is why I am here

    So, here the thing :
    We're working on a video game, this is our graduation project, and we have a problem with the HUD especially the health bar. In our game its supposed to decrease everytime after any action from the player (walking/firing/interracting with something). It's more an energy than real health. Anyways, the fact is that we have to use flash and Action Script 2 do to that and we don't know much about that. Except using keys etc. Plus, our teacher can't really help us with that and we don't have the time to search everything because there is still a lot to do.

    If someone could help us with the code. We can use a text with percant instead of a bar (like "POWER : 100%") and we just need this to decrease with the keys "Z; E" and the left mouse button. "E" is for interracting (and it's the default command in UDK) and the mouse to shoot energy. These two need a special amount of energy used for each other but when we press "Z" to walk it has to slowly reduce the energy amount as long as the key is pressed.

    That's all, I think. I hope someone could help and if you need more precision jus ask for it !

    Thanks !

    (And sorry if something similar already exists on the forum, let me know where.)