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Unable to "push" variables from UScript to Flash

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    Unable to "push" variables from UScript to Flash

    Hello :-/

    I'm trying to push a variable from unrealscript to flash. This is really getting on my nerves since this is not the first time I do this, but for some reason I can't do it this time, even if I've done it a lot of times before :-/

    This is my unrealscirpt code, inside a GFxSomething class. I'm even going back to the basis and trying to send a simple number instead of one of the variables I actually need to send, but still can't get it to work:

    function UpdateInventorySlots()
      local float SlotTest;
      SlotTest = 5;//EP.SlotItemId1;
      `log ("function UpdateInventorySlots " @SlotTest);
      //get variables
      InventoryMC.SetFloat("Slot1", SlotTest);
    My flash code:
    var itemData:Object = [
    	{type:"item",asset:0}, //2 bottle
    	{type:"item",asset:1}, //3 bloody bottle
    	{type:"item",asset:2}, //4 gear
    	{type:"item",asset:3}, //5 angel key
    	{type:"item",asset:4}, //6 circle key
    	{type:"item",asset:5}, //7 elevator key
    	{type:"item",asset:6}, //8 gear key
    	{type:"item",asset:7}, //9 rusty key
    	{type:"item",asset:8}, //10 star key
    	{type:"item",asset:9}, //lever
    	{type:"item",asset:10}, //painting piece 1
    	{type:"item",asset:11}, //painting piece 2
    	{type:"item",asset:12}, //painting piece 3	
    	{type:"item",asset:13}, //seal 1
    	{type:"item",asset:14}, //seal 2
    	{type:"item",asset:15}, //seal 3
    	{type:"item",asset:16}, //seal 4
    	{type:"item",asset:17}, //seal 5
    	{type:"item",asset:18}, //seal 6
    	{type:"item",asset:19}, //seal 7
    	{type:"item",asset:20} //wood
    var Slot1:Number = 1; = itemData[Slot1]; = itemData[5];
    I'm using the InventoryDemo file as a base for my experiment. This is what I did:
    replaced the icons with my own icons inside the "icons" movieclip.
    I have the movieclip "inventory" in "_root" that contains the grid of inventory slots, and a keyframe where I've written the code above. For this reason, I made a couple of references to that movieclip in my unreal class:
    function bool Start(optional bool StartPaused = false)
      RootMC = GetVariableObject("_root");
      InventoryMC = RootMC.GetObject("inventory");
    Inside that "inventory" movie clip I have the different instances of the inventory, named from Slot1 to Slot15 or something like that.

    If I use " = itemData[5]" the corresponding icon appears. However, I can't seem to read the variable I'm sending from UnrealScript. I'm not sure if I've missed part of the code, or I'm loading the things in the wrong order.

    Help pliz