Upgrading to May UDK solved the bug

I'm trying to use a scene capture actor to display a projectile camera. I'm trying to swap the texture in this movie with a TextureRenderTarget2D. Here's my code:

class Movie_Projectile extends GFXMoviePlayer;

var TextureRenderTarget2D	TC1;
var Texture2D	TC2;

function MyFunction()
	`log("SetExternalTexture Hit");

TC1 is the TextureRenderTarget2D that is displaying the scene capture stuff. When I swap it with TC1, it crashes when it runs. When I swap it with TC2, it works perfectly (but it's just a static texture, not what I want obviously).

After reading http://8pointfont.blogspot.com/2012_01_29_archive.html, is using TextureRenderTarget2D with scaleform unsupported at this time?

So it appears that the UDN example: http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/GFxUs...erTargets.html , no longer works with the latest version of UDK?