I am trying to get to work a CLIK TileList. First of all, every list in my menus works perfectly well.
Difference between this list and others that work : this one is in frame 2 while others are in frame 1.

Here is my AS code for frame 2, setting up a default dataProvider :
import scaleform.clik.data.DataProvider;

// Weapon list
if (WeaponList.dataProvider.length == 0)
	var itemsData:Array = new Array();
	itemsData.push({label:"DEFAULT", index:0});
	var dp:DataProvider = new DataProvider(itemsData);
	WeaponList.dataProvider = dp;
Here is the method in UDK, called in WidgetInitialized():
reliable client function UpdateWeaponList()
	local byte i;
	local GFxObject TempObj;
	local GFxObject DataProvider;
	DataProvider = WeaponListMC.GetObject("dataProvider");
	`log("UpdateWeaponList"$DataProvider @WeaponListMC.GetFloat("rowCount"));
	for (i = 0; i < 3; i++)
		TempObj = CreateObject("Object");
		TempObj.SetString("label", "TEST");
		DataProvider.SetElementObject(i, TempObj);
		`log("WeaponListMC obj = "@TempObj);
	`log("WeaponListMC = "@WeaponListMC);
	WeaponListMC.SetObject("dataProvider", DataProvider);
	WeaponListMC.SetInt("rowCount", i);
Nothing is showing apart from my "DEFAULT" set in AS.
Here is the log. You can see that on UDK's side, the dataProvider looks suspicious : the count is wrong (and it looks nothing like a logical value, 7, really ?).
[0007.88] ScriptLog: UpdateWeaponListGFxObject_64 7.0000
[0007.88] ScriptLog: WeaponListMC obj =  GFxObject_65
[0007.88] ScriptLog: WeaponListMC obj =  GFxObject_66
[0007.88] ScriptLog: WeaponListMC obj =  GFxObject_67
[0007.88] ScriptLog: WeaponListMC =  GFxClikWidget_9
So what the hell is happening ? Why isn't my list working ?
If I replace WeaponListMC by a reference to another list (those that work) I have no problem. But this list seems completely disconnected, without reason.

I also tried copypasting a working list, renaming it, I get the same result.

I have been trying everything for hours and hours and hours and I am still not getting my data. Please help, this is really getting boring...