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Framebuffer crash loading scaleform movie

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    Framebuffer crash loading scaleform movie

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to get a super-simple GFx movie file running on my iPad 2, and I keep running into a crash as soon as I load the movie file. The crash is "FrameBuffer is not complete, error is 8d56" in the ES2RHIDrawing.cpp(1471).

    My swf file is just a blank background with a textfield and 3 buttons. None of the buttons have any listeners right now, it's just there to display. I've added an AS3 class .as file to the SWF, but that was after I found out it was crashing. Works fine in the mobile previewer.

    Any ideas?

    Interesting... I just integrated the May 2012 version of UDK into our project and it magically works. That's really, really strange. I was under the impression that the render to texture was crashing the last few versions, but I wasn't using that at all.

    Oh well, gift horse and such I suppose.