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Pause Menu with Textfield

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    Pause Menu with Textfield

    Yo guys... a little problem with my custom pause menu... when I open in game, the two buttons are just with the text "TextField" not with "Resume" and "Exit"

    From the unreal script I saw that the values came from a constraint... so its ok.
    My Pause menu is a copy from the original one, just some modifications... but looks like theres something wrong...
    Can someone tell me what?

    If is in the flash file, what would it be ?

    Please, some help!



    I had put some logs on PauseMenu like:

    RootMC = GetVariableObject("_root");
    `log("ROOTMC = "$RootMC);

    PauseMC = RootMC.GetObject("pausemenu");
    `log("PAUSEMC = "$PauseMC);

    Btn_Resume_Wrapper = PauseMC.GetObject("resume");
    `log("BTNRESUMEWRAPPER = "$Btn_Resume_Wrapper);

    Btn_Exit_Wrapper = PauseMC.GetObject("exit");
    `log("BTNEXITWRAPPER = "$Btn_Exit_Wrapper);
    THe log returns:

    0043.69] ScriptLog: ROOTMC = GFxObject_146
    [0043.69] ScriptLog: PAUSEMC = GFxObject_147
    [0043.69] ScriptLog: BTNRESUMEWRAPPER = GFxObject_148
    [0043.69] ScriptLog: BTNEXITWRAPPER = GFxObject_149

    So... I supose that engine is working fine, isn't? So WHY the buttons are with the text "TEXTFIELD" and a cant click?

    Any ideas?


      See this info:

      Modifying and Reimporting the Front End Menu Files

      If you make changes to any of the Flash files of the front end menu system, be very careful to follow the procedure below to ensure they continue to work properly once reimported into UDK.

      First, Add this classpath to the ActionScript 2.0 Settings, directly above $(LocalData)/Classes and below the \Development\Flash\AS3\CLIK\ classpath: C:\UDK\UDK-2012-03\UDKGame\Flash\ActionScript\
      Publish/compile these files into SWF files in this order:


      Now, make your changes in the \UDKFrontEnd\udk_assets.fla file. For instance, to mofidy the main menu, make changes inside the main_menu movie clip found in the library panel of this file.
      Save and compile the file.
      Do the same for any other fla files you modified as well.
      Now, reimport everything into UDK by adding the following line to a batch file (.bat), and executing the file:


      C:\UDK\UDK-2012-03\Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe gfximport

      Test your changes.