I'm trying to create a menu system based on this set of tutorials:

....and I swear I have everything the way it should be, the only thing is, my buttons never show up.

I have a BG image for the main HUD, and then 3 buttons.

I've even tried removing all code from the buttons, just to see if they will show up, but nothing matters.

I'm using AS2, as that is what he suggested, by I'm gleaning that we can use AS3 now, this can't be the issue can it? They didn't remove support for AS2 did they?

everything imports fine, but the buttons and the mouse curosr never appear.

thanks for any help.

I've noticed most tutorials out there deal with earlier versions of the UDK, is there something important that has happened to the UDK since 2010 that would cause basic functionality like this to break?