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Basic Scaleform help

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    Basic Scaleform help

    Hello, this is my first time back in a while after trying out Cryengine for a while and being disappointed with how Crytek ran their engine.

    Anyway onto what I'm having trouble with. I'm currently trying to follow a tutorial on creating my first GFx UI, but Scaleform won't actually let me preview it within flash CS5.5.

    I've setup my Scaleform exactly the same way as shown in this tutorial given in the sticky.

    I've made a very basic menu that has two buttons and an image. It's an ActionScript 3 canvas 1920px x 1080px saving as a Flash Player 10.2 .swf file. Except when I try to click the button to preview the menu it shows this error.

    I'm confused at how I'm getting this error when the SWF is literally sitting on my hard drive. Filename mainmenu.swf.

    Here is my profile setup for the scaleform plugin.

    And here is the publish setting for my flash project.

    Here is also my preferences for ActionScript 3, even though I never did anything with actionscript yet.

    I'm running the February UDK Beta 2012, on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine. I don't believe any other specs would be relevant, but there below if needed.

    If I missed anything in the thread, I'm sorry, just post what you need and I'll happily supply it. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and attempt to help me. I'll be on for a few hours to check back, hopefully this issue is something easily fixable.

    it wants you to save ur FLA file at any location, thus giving it a path to publish a SWF.


      I had to save it next to the .swf for it to work. Thanks!