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[Solved]Problems with Documentation on Autodesk Scaleform Site

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    [Solved]Problems with Documentation on Autodesk Scaleform Site

    I think this request goes directly to Matt Doyle, since he should be the only person to help!

    On the official Scaleform Site are several links to docs for UDK users but some of them won't work (at last not for me).

    One is the link to "Getting Started with Scaleform CLIK Buttons v2.0" which results in a 404
    And the other are the links to the AS2 & AS3 Reference Documentation v4.0.14 which result in a login-screen to the developer network. I tried to register there, but you can only register as a recognized company and not as a simple UDK user.

    So the questions are: is there a way to get the missing doc back up and how to get access to the developer net without a company email?

    thanx reropme

    I will pass this information on to our web team. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


      I noticed the same thing. There is some info on the scaleform/udk site that is for licensees only but a lot of the info that is presented as public (on the website, and linked from PDFs), but actually require licensee credentials. More docs and source the better Thanks for all the help Matt!


        Many Thanks Matt
        everything works, the docs are back