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Scaleform and Bink?

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    Scaleform and Bink?


    Note, that this is my first post, and I'm a bit unsure whether it's posted in the correct place (but considering it's related to Scaleform, I suppose it is). Sorry if misplaced.

    Anyway, my question goes:

    Since Scaleform is included, but Scaleform Video is not - Would I somehow be able to make a menu with an animated video background (using Rad Bink, I suppose), with a Scaleform UI in front? - Or is there any other possibilities to achieve this - if so, how?

    Also, note, that I want it to be fullscreen (100% of screen width and height).

    I've illustrated below what I mean:

    Thank you very much in advance.
    - Sincerely

    yeah you can do this, add the gfx movie onto a mesh or bsp as a rendertarget with transparency using render target mode to alpha composite, then add the bink movie to another mesh / bsp slightly behind it


      I guess we will be able to do that with SetExternalTexture() ?



        Here is a basic setup for capturing a 3D mesh from the game and rendering it to Flash with a scene capture actor."

        I'm not exactly sure whether that means render a mesh to flash, I would imagine that's a mistake and they mean render a flash (gfx) scaleform movie to a mesh surely?

        Anyway, it's all possible without that, I've just tried look.


          The Blend Mode of my material is Alpha Composite but the swf is still opaque. Did I forgotten something ?

          EDIT : Resolved : I missed to link opacity.


            Did you get it working then?


              Yes, it works fine for me. Thanks !


                Thanks for the solution, Cheesewhisk.
                - It works perfectly