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Getting started tutorials: I need one that takes a few steps back

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  • Getting started tutorials: I need one that takes a few steps back

    I'm trying to learn scaleform, as it will be needed in my game.
    Reading the documentation on the site, it is focused on how to use scaleform with UDK, not how to use scaleform itself.
    I looked around for other tutorials to bridge this gap, and they basically assume an understanding of flash.

    Okay, let's be frank about this. I have never worked with flash before. And perhaps more importantly, I have no money to be buying any products from adobe. So I have neither experience with nor access to the program that all of this stuff is is relying upon.
    And I suspect that even if I could buy some adobe products, all the flash tutorials I can find out there are going to run me around to have me learn a bunch of stuff that really has no bearing on simply creating text-boxes for dialogue in my UDK game.

    So with that being said, where do I start?
    With neither experience nor access to flash, where do I start learning so I can make my text-boxes and UI?

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    you can load a Demo from Adobe then you have 30 days trail period.

    what exactly do you want to create in scaleform?


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      Originally posted by yondaimer1981 View Post
      what exactly do you want to create in scaleform?
      Gonna have a bunch of text-boxes for all my character dialogue. With character portraits. Also different styles of boxes for different situations, i.e. narration, dialogue, text written in the game world, etc. So I need to build a system that handles all of that information.
      And at some point I'll need to create a menu for managing inventory.


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        You should get the Packt UDK Game Design Cookbook - it has a chapter which includes dynamic text changes via kismet, and a lot of other things useful for Scaleform beginners.



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          Scaleform is basically a slimmed down version of the flash player, so yes you need to learn flash as that's what you will effectively be creating.

          Get a month pass to something or digital tutors you are looking at about $25, I know at you can get it month to month ad hoc so no annual subscriptions either

          As tomacmuni said, you can get a 30 day trial for flash from adobe to get started with.

          If you are going to start writing action script then I'd suggest Flash Develop, it's a really good editor for actionscript and probably more importantly, it's free.


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            Does this Flash Develop work with Scaleform?

            (I remember back when macromedia flash was free. Then adobe bought it and made it strictly a professional tool.)