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Is the scaleform launcher broken in the latest releases?

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    Is the scaleform launcher broken in the latest releases?

    It seems to me that the scaleform launcher is broken in the last couple of releases. At some point the .mxp file changed names from "Scaleform Clik.mxp" to "Scaleform Extensions.mxp" and the version number increased from 1.03 to 1.04, however when I load the launcher after installing this version the buttons just have placeholder text, no styling, and don't seem to work at all. The earlier version works fine for me.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am using Flash Professional CS5.5.

    Of interest is that the file SFLaunchPanel.fla seems to be older than in the earlier version of UDK. If I open that fla file the stage looks just like the broken launcher - i.e. placeholder button text and no styling.

    Can anyone confirm that using the earlier version of "Scaleform Clik.mxp" will not affect the output of the published swf? i.e. so long as I am pointing to the latest GfxMediaPlayer all should be good?

    agreed, definitley an issue here for me too.

    When I select "GFxMediaPlayer.exe" in the player options, it never allows me to confirm this choice as OK never becomes available.