There seems to be a bug in either scaleform or its integration with UDK when using a Glowfilter.

I have a component that extends scaleform.clik.core.UIComponent. It works fine except for one thing. If the game is in full screen mode and I alt+tab out of the game and come back in, the component disappears. I have isolated this issue to the GlowFilter that the component applies to itself in code. i.e. if I comment out the code that applies the GlowFilter then there is no problem.

Note that the component with the GlowFilter works as intended. It is only when alt+tabbing that there is any problem. Seems to work fine in windowed mode and when changing resolutions.

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

I'm wondering if I might be able to hack around this by running some code when the game is restored, e.g. invalidate the component and force a redraw perhaps, or maybe just reset the filter. I'm not sure what event is fired when the game is restored though. Any ideas? Can I do it in ActionScript or would it be something that is only fired in UnrealScript?